St. John Bosco 

A Sisters of Mercy Institution

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Welcome to St. John Bosco

In the heart of every child is a desire for home; not just for food and a place to sleep, but for love and safety. St. John Bosco is a Children’s Home in Mandeville, Jamaica, owned and operated by the Sisters of Mercy, that caters for delinquent and abandon boys across Jamaica.

You’re Making a Difference…

Our Dear Sponsors and Friends

St. John Bosco Home has been blessed with your warm heart and generosity. You’ve shown them love, kindness and precious moments of unforgettable smiles. The boys are so fortunate and grateful for your continued support. We salute you..
Thank you!
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4,000+ Boys

Through your sponsorships, donations and voluntary services, it is without question that St. John Bosco has had a positive impact on abundant and delinquent boys in Jamaica.

56+ Years

Your contributions to St. John Bosco has enabled the provision to shelter, educate, train and care for Jamaican boys since 1960.


Your social interaction (the love, the laughter, every smile) provides motivation, encouragement and a sense of belonging. These are precious moments that every child deserves.