St. John Bosco is a registered, independent school. Our aim is to assist and support boys who are orphans, have a history of delinquency and other familial problems. We wish to offer the children education, skills and a healthy environment to grow and excel. We pride ourselves with the challenge each day to provide education to these children, many of whom have been deprived of the most basic of education. Many come to St. John Bosco unable to read, numerate, or write.

St. John Bosco has comprised five self-contained classes ranging from Beginners to Grade 5 and a Computer Lab. The school employs six trained teachers, who are skillful, reliable, hard-working and responsible. Each plays the essential role of a mother, father, and a counselor. Under the leadership of our very competent principal, Barbara Turner, the school consistently displays a high standard of discipline.

Our computer lab is spacious, comfortable and equipped with thirty-one computers whose technology is advanced and appropriate for our students. All children have access to a computer eat least three times per week, giving them a chance to become computer literate, a necessity for them to carry into their future.

The maximum amount of children in a class is 21, therefore each child is privileged to individual attention. This allows us to cater to their needs to the fullest. The children are placed in classes based on their ability and not their age. Emphasis is placed on educating the children, helping them to understand and grasp what is being taught rather than rushing to complete the curriculum.