St. John Bosco takes education even further by providing meaningful trades for the boys. Some children may not be able to read and write fluently but having a skill would make a huge difference in the working world.

St. John Bosco takes pride in providing two certifiable trades in catering and meat cutting and processing. At the age of 16, the boys may choose a trade and fulfill the allotted time for certification. Not only are the boys certified, but they have two years of experiences working in clean, organised and well managed environment. At the age of eighteen (18) the trainees may get a job if there is any available and others may go home with their certification eager to get a job.


Our catering trade has grown significantly over the years under the leadership of MR. Newton Coote, another past boy. Our reputation for excellence in food preparation and taste continues to build our customer base and bring much need income to the Home.  Boys who complete this trade easily acquire jobs in the hotel industry, small restaurants, private homes, and more recently the cruise ship industry. Continue reading “Catering”

Meat Cutting and Processing

One of the three major trades taught at Bosco is meat cutting and processing. The department draws on the animal husbandry programme to provide excellent quality pork, chicken, and lamb. Continue reading “Meat Cutting and Processing”

Animal Husbandry

 The Piggery One of the main features of our animal husbandry training programme is the area of pig rearing. St. John Bosco first began with the two pigs in 1980. Needless to say, 2 pigs soon turned into 22 pigs and 222 pigs and is now over 500 pigs.
Continue reading “Animal Husbandry”