One of the three major trades taught at Bosco is meat cutting and processing. The department draws on the animal husbandry programme to provide excellent quality pork, chicken, and lamb.

The butcher shop project began in 1984 with amazing success. However, tragedy struck in February 1989 when fire destroyed the entire building and all the contents. With the generous assistance of Mr. Ed Werling, Butch Hubert and a whole host of other volunteers, we were back in operation 10 days later. Friends and benefactors came from far and near to assist us with getting back on our feet. The new butcher shop facility was built with a large grant from Cooperation for Development with state of the art corian walls, compliments of Mr. Ed Rowland, and was completed in 1993. Out of the ashes the phoenix did rise!

The butcher shop has become an invaluable financial support to the Home and helps to provide approximately 50% of the funds needed to support the Home after the government stipend is received. Our boys are fully trained in meat cutting and processing and we are able to easily place them in jobs which earn more than minimum wage.

With the continued help, training and hard work of Mr Ed Werling and his team from upper Ohio, our butcher shop has moved from strength to strength and is giving the boys their first job and the beginnings of a future as contributing members of society.

Bosco Meats continues to evolve with new products/seasoned products.