Our catering trade has grown significantly over the years under the leadership of MR. Newton Coote, another past boy. Our reputation for excellence in food preparation and taste continues to build our customer base and bring much need income to the Home.  Boys who complete this trade easily acquire jobs in the hotel industry, small restaurants, private homes, and more recently the cruise ship industry.

Our state of the heart kitchen is known for its immaculate cleanliness which gives our customers the assurance that their food is prepared in a clean and well equipped kitchen using the finest quality ingredients. The standard of meat from our butcher shop, fresh vegetables produce grown on our farm and the culinary expertise of our catering staff add value to an excellent tasting end product.

Help in our catering department has also come significantly from friends and Board Members who excel in their own right. Most notable is the help and tutoring assistance given by Mrs. Alma Chung who will come at a moment’s notice to lend a hand for any catering needed while at the same time imparting her vast knowledge of cooking and baking to the boys.

Dish Rental 

An off-shoot of our catering department is our dish rental project. With the initial assistance of a grant from the Embassy of the Netherlands, as well as  generous donations  of equipment from Mr. Butch Hubert and Hubert Company, we were off and running. We are able to provide complete place settings for up to five hundred (500) people as well as provide cooking equipment, hot dog machines, coolers, chaffing pans: glasses, cutlery, trays, chairs and tables. Everything you need for your own private parties can be rented from SJB.

Our Catering Department was recently featured in the newly released book “Nyam, Jamaica – A Culinary Tour”, by Rosemary Parkinson. Bosco, along with over 100 small businesses across Jamaica were featured. What a honour this has been.