Sponsor a Child Programme

It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.
Frederick Douglass

Although raising a child is very expensive, the government of Jamaica offers only approximately 40% of the cost.  Homeless children are the special priority of the sponsorship programme, but the Sponsor a Child Programme was established in the hopes of obtaining at least one sponsor per child.

  • A pledge of $25/month from a sponsor helps SJB provide for ongoing needs such as:
    • The special needs of each child

      Completion Certificates Celebration
      Certificates Celebration
    • Extra medical or dental care
    • Clothing and food
    • Special education needs
    • Provision of training for a trade
    • Development of employment skills
  • Or provide for one-time necessities such as
    • Special clothing for work
    • Purchase of a bed when they leave SJB
  • Supports the boys in their education:
    • Concentration is on remedial and primary education, as most of the boys come from years on the street with very little if any, formal education.
    • The boys are placed in grades according to their educational ability rather than according to their age.
    • It is our aim to make them functionally literate and numerate and given a skill mainly in catering, meat cutting, and processing.

What Do You Receive?

In addition to the satisfaction that you are helping a child in need, and contributing to the improvement in his quality of life, you will receive

  • a laminated picture of the child, with a brief personal history
  • monthly acknowledgements of your pledge
  • written correspondence from time to time from the child you have sponsored.

Please click here to download the Sponsorship Programme Application